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before you buy a mattress, find out if there’s a simpler way to upgrade your sleep game

Before You Buy A New Mattress, You May Want to Check Your Pillow First

the problem

We all know this. It’s why we feel uneasy waking a stranger next to us on the plane; why we read the same old articles about the latest superfood to promote good sleep, and it’s why we’re willing to finally spend a few thousand dollars on a brand new, high-tech mattress. 

And while a new mattress may be the solution to your problems, nobody enjoys throwing down that kind of money when another viable solution could be available for less. 

If you experience any of the following, we think this guide could be for you:

Our Solution

We’ve seen too many people skip some simple advice on what causes these common sleep issues, falling for the ‘mattress cure-all’ trap in the process--the truth is, many sleep-related problems have nothing to do with your mattress at all!

We’ve gone ahead and developed a simple checklist to help you find out for yourself: as well as giving you some viable alternatives that can upgrade your sleep for a fraction of the cost. 

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