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Our Mission

At Panda Comfort, we want to bring the science and quality of sleep up to speed with 21st century technology and materials. The current bedding industry wants to sell a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mode. We believe that Modern Humans come in all shapes and sizes, and that the technology to customize a unique sleep experience has long been available: someone just had to go out and build it. 

How It Started

After being in the sleep and bedding industry for over 15 years, I have always felt out of place in this industry so I created my own method of helping customers with sleep problems. This didn’t happen over night, the Panda Evolve Pillow is a bi-product of this sleep system that I have been testing for 12 years.

Product image
Product image

Future Developments

The Future of Sleep is something we think a lot about here at Panda Comfort. Here are some of the big picture ideas we’re working on in the background:
-The 17 Body Types: As we collect more data about what makes the perfect sleep unique, we plan to develop a set of body type profiles, so that you’ll be able to quickly identify which sizing best suits your need
-The Panda Evolve Mattress: The next step in development will be to build on top of our Panda Evolve Pillow design to produce the perfect mattress to match
-Panda Educational Ecosystem: As we grow, our resources grow too. Our goal is to provide an extensive hub of resources for people who care about quality sleep to read, contribute and partake in an ongoing conversation around the Future of Sleep.